Green Sky Thinking’s Commit5

Influence | Involve | Inspire

Maintain the momentum created during Green Sky Thinking week throughout the year.

For one week in April, more than 2,000 professionals come together to share knowledge and champion cross-disciplinary collaborations. Commit5 is about what happens next.

Commit5 asks you to give five hours of your time over the next year in support of Green Sky Thinking’s core USP: sharing knowledge across the professions concerned with shaping our built environment.

This silo-busting initiative asks that you learn from adjacent experts, and help them learn from you in turn, with the purpose of reducing the ‘knowledge gap’ across the professions. In short, we’re asking that you continue your Green Sky thinking deep into 2016, long after the five-day programme concludes.

We believe that by building on the alliances forged during Green Sky Thinking week, we can inspire and influence sustainability outcomes to an even greater degree.

This year we will host a number of activities - hackathons, debates, consultations and workshops – to get the ball rolling. The emphasis is on proactive engagement; these are not static, listen-only events.

Are you a Commit5-er?

Industry experts – showcase your leadership skills and encourage others to follow in your footsteps.

Young professionals – this is your chance to join an outstanding group of people dedicated to fostering meaningful partnerships and collaborations at the front end of sustainable design.

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