Further your Sustainability Knowledge with RIBA Bookshops

Open-City is delighted to announce the new partnership with RIBA Enterprises for Green Sky Thinking Week 2015.

With knowledge exchange and practical lessons-learnt being the main aim of Green Sky Thinking Week we are pleased to continue and promote the learning all year-round with RIBA Bookshops sustainability exemplar publications.

Many of the participants of the programme have put 'pen to paper' on their experiences and expertise. If you miss the weeks' events, or simply wish to know more, see the current RIBA publications by Green Sky Thinking participants:

'Retrofit for Purpose: Low Energy Renewal of Non-Domestic Buildings'
Author Sunand Prasad, Penoyre & Prasad

Retrofit for Purpose explores the art and science of bringing energy efficiency to existing buildings; one of the biggest challenges facing the industry today. The essays and case studies included here explore the main issues, offer practical solutions and provide a clarion-call to architects and clients for better, smarter retrofit.
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'The Environmental Design Pocketbook'
Author Sofie Pelsmakers

The Environmental Design Pocketbook 2nd edition places the information you need for sustainable, low energy building design at your fingertips. Packed with diagrams, tools and tips, it cuts through the complex mass of technical data and legislation that faces the designer, and distils all the key guidance into a single reference that is quick, easy to use and points to the facts, figures and performance data that are most important.
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  • 'The Environmental Design Pocketbook' was published with the support of ECD Architects, who will be hosting the event 'ECD Check UP!' at Green Sky Thinking Week 2015.


'The British Papers: Current Thinking on Sustainable City Design' newly published by RIBA Bookshops'

The British Papers is a collection of invited essays and opinions from architectural and urban design leaders, as a snapshot of current thinking and approaches to sustainable city-making.This series of essays brings together the thoughts of leading figures in the industry – including Richard Rogers, Sir Terry Farrell, and Judit Kimpian – to share their particular viewpoints about latest design thinking. This wide ranging collection of essays look at how our history, culture and identity anchor us in place and time.
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Essey authors speaking at Green Sky Thinking include:

  • 'How to Survive and Thrive in the 21st century'
    Justin Bere, Director, Bere architects, speaking at XCO2
  • 'Evaluating your Energy Performance of your Property'
    Judit Kimpian of AHR contributes to XCO2
  • 'The Living City: The Role of Technology in Planning, Design and Constructing More Sustainable Cities'
    Andrew Comer, Partner and Director at BuroHappold Enginering speaking at BuroHappold
  • 'New City: Old City - A Desigm Process Locked into Context, Community and Climate'Roddy Langmuir, Architects, Cullinan Studio content outlined at Cullinan's


'What Colour is your Building?: Measuring and reducing the energy and carbon footprint of buildings'
Author David Clark, Partner at Cundall

Already garnering high-praise from luminaries within the construction and architecture industries, ‘What Colour is your Building?’ is an essential title for all those interested in determining and responding to the true costs of a building’s carbon footprint.
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  • Cundall are hosting the event 'Breathe Easy' in Green Sky Thinking Week 2015.


'Aquatecture: Buildings and cities designed to live and work with water'
Author Robart Barker, Baca Architects
Aquatecture is the first book to outline new ways of designing for water, using examples from around the world to illustrate methods of utilizing water innovatively, efficiently and safely. The first part of the book explores the historical relationship between water and architecture, examining how cities and civilisations have been drawn to water and have attempted to control it. The following chapters go on to assess how this relationship has changed over time, and introduce readers to a range of brand new techniques that will revolutionise the way we think about water, design and urban planning. Solutions such as amphibious housing, wet-proof buildings, zero carbon development, rain gardens, flood storage and new methods of waterfront design are discussed and their effectiveness assessed.    
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The Liveable City


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