Themes of 2014

Mapping Sustainable London
The purpose of the Green Sky Thinking programme is to identify the sustainable initiatives and thinking driving London’s green agenda forward. Mapping not only where sustainable developments are taking place, but moreover how and by whom the projects are being realised.

The programme focus' on the future viability of London to adapt, perform and ensure a liveable and resilient city. As regulatory deadlines of 2016 and visionary ambitions of 2020 approach, Green Sky Thinking looks at the practical development being executed today to sustain tomorrow. The themes of 2014, cyclical rather than linear, are:

  1. Adaptation
  2. Performance
  3. Liveability
  4. Value


Increasing population, uncertain climate change, and finite resources are challenging London’s ability of future resilience. With 90% of our city built, it is fundamental to upgrade our existing build stock and adapt to the changing urban requirements.


Digging a little deeper, the comprehensive evaluation of how our city’s built environment performs is critical to understanding future sustainable gains. From building performance, to human behaviour to public realm and infrastructure optimisation.


What is the value of sustainability? Is it the financial driver and business case, a social conscious and value in social well-being, or the green growth opportunities and environmental mitigation.


Currently London is ranked in the most liveable cities in the world as 55th. How does the built environment impact on the liveability of the city?

The events have also been grouped into topics such as Facility Management, Greening the Public Realm, Sustainable in Construction. Depending on your interest and expertise - Read More about our topics...