EC Harris

Achieving Net Gain Biodiversity at an Industrial Site








Monday 20 April, 6.00pm - 8.00pm

Location: ARCADIS UK, 34 York Way, London, N1 9AB

Construction and biodiversity are often seen to be in conflict. However, ARCADIS have worked with Nike to develop a new logistics factory which will achieve net gain of biodiversity. Design and solutions were worked out to favour biodiversity, to benefit society and to enhance Nike business results. Thanks to the project, ecosystem services at the factory will increase, providing benefits to human well-being. To comply with legislation on water buffering, although a purely engineered solution was adequate, a hybrid solution including green roof, wadi and central water zone was cheaper for Nike and positive for biodiversity. In addition, Nike requested ARCADIS to develop and apply a protocol for valuing biodiversity. By combining measures on habitats, species and ecosystem services we provided Nike with quantitative results to allow for evaluating Nike’s aim to realise biodiversity net gain. During the presentation we will cover innovative nature-based solutions, detail the business case and explain how to quantitatively score biodiversity. Followed by suggestions and discussion of the key lessons London can take from the project.

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