Hawkins\Brown, Newcastle University

Building as a Lab?













Wednesday 22 April, 6.00pm - 8.00pm

Location: 159 St John Street, London, EC1V 4QJ

Newcastle University, Hawkins\Brown, Buro Happold, bd Landscape Architects discuss their emerging designs for the Newcastle University Urban Sciences Building within the Science Central masterplan. The event will focus on the University’s ambitions to enable digitally enabled urban sustainability research. The team have designed experimentation and environmental monitoring into the fabric and systems of the new building and will explain how this has affected the design process and the building itself.

The USB has been designed to provide a collaborative environment for a variety of functions: sustainability research, collaboration and education. Although the main tenant will be the School of Computing Science there are a number of important, affiliated faculty research groups with a specialist interest in all aspects of urban sustainability also taking space in the building. Access to the building for all people will be encouraged through a range of showcase activities, exhibitions, interactive installations and lectures. The building will be an experimental ‘laboratory’ where open-source data will be collected, analysed and presented to communicate the next major developments in urban sustainability.

A bespoke sustainability framework has been developed with the academic community. This has enabled a broad involvement in the design process and an understanding of how the users can manipulate the building once complete to continually improve energy performance and investigate the impact of different systems .

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