Max Fordham

Social Engineering





Wednesday 22 April, 5.30pm for 6.00pm start - 8.00pm

Location: The Art Workers' Guild, Ground Floor, 6 Queen Square, WC1N 3AT

What should designers know and how far should they go?

Should designers influence occupant behaviour when designing a building? Or should the way people occupy a space dictate how it is designed? And to what extent do these decisions impact on the health and well-being of the people who use our buildings?

Max Fordham presents ‘Social Engineering’ at this year’s Green Sky Thinking. It’s an expression heavy with the weight of manipulation. But viewed another way it could be the highest aspiration for the built environment.
Healthy, happy and productive environments - that’s the designer’s goal. But how can knowing more about humans themselves make for better buildings?

Chaired by Bill Gething, the panel includes

  • Henry Pelly (Max Fordham)
  • Professor Elizabeth Shove (Lancaster University)
  • Dr Dan Lockton (Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, RCA)
  • Dr Simon Blyth (Actant)

Together they’ll discuss how designers can better integrate insights from sociology and psychology into architecture and engineering.

The aim is to challenge preconceptions, give you food for thought, and provide knowledge that you can employ in your design processes immediately. What have social practices got to do with building energy use (quite a lot, as it turns out)? How important are habits?  Do we need to make occupants ‘engage’?

Join us at Green Sky Thinking in April to be a part of the conversation.

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