Nicholas Hare Architects

Building for an Adaptable Future


Tuesday 21 April, 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Location: Nicholas Hare Architects, 3 Barnsbury Square, London N1 1JL

Too often we see relatively new buildings being torn down and replaced. Nicholas Hare Architects' Green Sky Thinking Event will consider adaptability of buildings, and how advancing digital communications might change the way buildings could be designed and occupied in future:

• Lessons of the past: Have we learnt enough from (passive) historic buildings and their resilience to changes of use? How can building briefs address this issue better?
• Case studies: How has NHA designed projects to anticipate future change?
• Harnessing technology: How can technology facilitate an approach that could help to shape a more adaptable future?

Speakers include:

  • Guy Channer, Arup
  • James Eades, Nicholas Hare Architects
  • Paul Ruyssevel, UCL

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