2016 Programme: Event Listings by day

Monday 25 April

Retrofit & the Importance of Independent Advice

ECD Architects
10.00am-12.00pm & 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Join our seminar reviewing the importance of independent advice in small home retrofits using our soon to be completed SMART Homes / Green Deal Communities project as a case study. More details...

Green infrastructure as a building service design challenge
ARCC, CIBSE & London South Bank University
10.00am-12.30pm Design challenge launch, briefing and technical talks Followed on Friday 29th, 3.30pm-5.00pm including a reception & an exhibition of the designs.
The LSBU Clarence Centre for Enterprise & Innovation is challenging industry and academia to collaborate to develop ideas for how green infrastructure could make their offices healthier, more sustainable and climatically resilient. Join us for expert rapid briefings and contribute your ideas in a design-thinking workshop. More details...

People, energy or space: what is more important to drive design?
Hurley Palmer Flatt
A debate on the way occupant wellbeing, energy consumption and the need to maximise space can influence design, and how we can design to improve upon one or all of these three metrics. Does one prevail? More details...

Sustainability, is it only skin deep? Event fully booked - Waiting List
Akt II
As designers in the industry we like to talk the talk, but how serious are we in terms of green sky thinking? Many would consider sustainability as nothing more than another hurdle, a tick box exercise that is frankly par for the course. This session will look at alternative thinking, ways of finding opportunity and making it count beyond BREEAM. More details...


Tuesday 26 April

An Enormous Ambition
Once again we will demonstrate Arup’s latest thinking on how we need to be increasingly ambitious to shape a better world. Technological advances are allowing and inspiring our people to consider how we need to remain focused on the many aspects of planetary sciences, all of which impact on the wellbeing of Planet Earth. More details...

Is Mixed Mass the Answer?
Broadway Malyan Group
As the UK grapples with housing shortages, fuel poverty and an increasingly critical sustainability agenda, are the opportunities around passive design in the UK being overlooked? Broadway Malyan’s technical director looks at how dynamic modelling is helping change the perception of what’s possible. More details...

Optimising Energy Performance in Buildings
Carbon Credentials Energy Services Ltd
Join us at our Energy Strategy Workshop to discuss how capital projects, staff engagement and improved data management can lead to reduced energy consumption and increased energy efficiency in buildings. More details...

Living Cities: Our approach in practice
©Living cities© is a philosophy which supports our strategy, guiding us to create, to invest in and to manage properties and places that contribute to the enduring success of cities. Join us for breakfast followed by a walking tour of our Mayfair estate, to see how we putting our ©Living cities© approach into practice. More details...

Energy Efficiency Innovations
Islington Council & Islington Sustainable Energy Partnership
Tour Islington Council’s latest energy efficiency innovations at their offices in North London. In 2015 the Council installed LED office lighting, energy efficient server racking and a solar PV array on the roof. Find out how these innovations are reducing the Council’s energy use and get top tips for your own projects. In partnership with Islington Sustainable Energy Partnership. More details...

‘Walking among Giants’: an urban climate walking tour
CIBSE Resilient Cities and Urban Generation
Session 1: 1.00pm - 3.00pm
Session 2: 4:00pm–6:00pm - session fully booked
The walk presents a unique view of the City of London through the role of tall buildings in creating distinct microclimates and offers a novel perspective on the City’s dramatic and changing skyline. More details...

Island Estate: Reintegrating the Neighbourhood
Cullinan Studio
A knowledge-sharing event based on an investigative design project to re-connect a residential estate with its urban surroundings. Ideas will include landscaping, route-making, place-making and maybe even proposals for new buildings to make exciting improvements. More details...

North West Cambridge: Sustainability approach to a new community – from masterplanning to construction
AECOM & Wilkinson Eyre
6.30pm – 8.30pm
North West Cambridge, a major urban extension to the city of Cambridge will be the largest Code Level 5 development built. AECOM and Wilkinson Eyre present its sustainability story, from masterplanning to construction; discuss the importance of collaboration between disciplines; and provide insight into how sustainable communities of the future might develop. More details...

Vital transports: Bringing cities to life - Event cancelled.
Make Architects
Ensuring people can move around cities in a way that enhances health and wellbeing is key. Make Architects presents research from the Future Spaces Foundation think tank, which measures the connectivity of urban transport systems in 12 cities around the world and examines how well they allow citizens to get around in the most efficient, sustainable and healthy way. More details...

Sustainable Housing: Beyond the Bonfire
Max Fordham
Rather than stimulating house-building, current legislation has left a number of sustainability issues side-lined. Can we accommodate for broader, altruistic concerns, with increasing focus on the ‘user’? Bill Gething introduces a workshop to explore some issues marginalised by recent policy changes. More details...

Engineered to Perform: Regeneration and Resilience at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
BuroHappold Engineering and London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC)
BuroHappold and LLDC present unique insights, experience and future plans for the regeneration of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Hear how the transformation has been underpinned by the design and delivery of sustainable buildings and infrastructure to enable health & wellbeing, environmental performance and long term resilience. More details...

Designing for longevity or deconstruction: Is it a choice?
Nicholas Hare Architects
Should new buildings be designed for long life with built in adaptability for future re-use, or designed for a limited lifespan and ready deconstruction? The circular economy makes a lot of sense for many industries, but is it the right approach for building design, where re-use and adaptation may be more resource efficient than deconstruction and recycling? More details...

Realising the Low Line - This event is now fully booked
Team London Bridge & Cross River Partnership
The railway viaduct from Vauxhall through South Bermondsey is one of south London’s most striking architectural features. These spaces house manufacturing, offices and cultural spaces and local partners are recognising their immense potential by working together to drive a collective vision for an interconnected Low Line. More details...


Wednesday 27 April

Verde SW1
Brookfield Multiplex Construction Europe
A breakfast presentation for Verde SW1 project, followed by a site tour. Hear about Verde’s sustainable built design and accomplishments in environmental and social objectives throughout the whole construction process. More details...

The early bird gets a greener building: how collaboration from the beginning of a project helps to build for a better society.
Skanska experts share their experience of projects where involving the main contractor during a scheme’s development phase has led to greater sustainability benefits.Held at The Monument Building, where Skanska is both developer and contractor. More details...

Designing for Health and Wellbeing: Practical Experiences
Greengage Environmental
Why are clients choosing to develop healthy, active communities at the same time as profitable buildings, and what have the challenges and successes been? Greengage launches the results of its research into the industry experiences of designing for health and wellbeing. More details...

Getting Less Dense About Density
Penoyre & Prasad
We will explore the complexities of density to try and answer questions such as: Can we refine and enlarge the toolkit that helps decide how much we should build where? What is the relationship between density, well-being and sustainability? What do we have to learn to deal with local densities in London that now rival Hong Kong? More details...

Climate proofing social housing landscapes - SuDS retrofit
Groundwork London & London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham
This event will explore the retrofit of low-cost climate change adaptation measures (principally Sustainable Drainage Systems, SuDS) in social housing landscapes. The event will include a tour of the Queen Caroline Estate and consider how learning from the works completed on the estate can support a major expansion in the use of SuDS across urban areas. More details...

Mace and Great Portland Estates on Post Ocupancy Evaluation
Mace and Great Portland Estates
4.30pm - 6.30pm
Mace and Great Portland Estates have been working together to review and reflect on completed projects across GPE’s commercial estate using post occupancy evaluation. The findings have been fed back to GPE’s design teams to help close the performance gap between designed and built environments. This event will discuss some of the findings and how GPE have used the details to information future designs and schemes. More details...

Sustainable Infrastructure
Temple Group
Key figures from the world of infrastructure give ‘pecha-kucha’ style pitches on how they think London could be more sustainable, how infrastructure projects contribute to regeneration and renewal, and what’s needed next. More details...

Sensing the place – experiences and wayfinding in a changing climate
ARCC network (Adaptation and Resilience in the Context of Change)
Drawing from research and practice, this event explores how design of the urban environment can affect our experiences and how we orientate ourselves within it. It examines how climate change or climate disruption could present challenges for urban wayfinding and the sensory experience of a place. Part of the ‘Feeling good in public spaces’ dialogue series. More details...

Hellbeing or Wellbeing: living with density

How can good placemaking and quality of life be compatible with high densities? Are cities inherently unhealthy places? Are they exclusive environments? How can they contribute to decarbonisation of our society, to civic life and wellbeing? A multidisciplinary panel will respond to these questions. More details...

Designing London for Resilience
With the mayoral elections taking place on 5 May 2016, should the new Mayor of London be looking to tighten housing regulations? Or is it growth at any cost? Join us for a panel discussion and Q&A to explore the challenges of creating a resilient future for London. More details...


Thursday 28 April

Launch: Fit-out for the Future: a guide for the industry

Better Buildings Partnership Ltd & Faithful + Gould
Thousands of offices and shops have new fit-outs every year yet sustainability is so often forgotten in the process. To combat this the Better Buildings Partnership, together with Faithful + Gould, will discuss their latest practical guide on how to incorporate sustainability into the fit-out process and why it’s an opportunity landlords and tenants can no longer afford to miss! More details...

Sustainability in design and delivery at King’s Cross - This event is now fully booked
Bennetts Associates Architects, Argent, London Borough of Camden
8.30-11.00 am
Bennetts Associates are working with Argent to design a number of sustainable buildings at King’s Cross. The first project completed was Camden Council’s BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ building at 5 Pancras Square. Bennetts Associates will discuss their work at King’s Cross and provide guided tours of Camden’s headquarters and King’s Cross. More details...

Green Sky Gardens: The Ascent & Consequences of High Rise Green Space
Bouygues UK
A working insight into the benefits and challenges of providing green space on high-rise projects focusong on two #builtbybouygues schemes: the sky gardens of Manhattan Loft Gardens and the roof gardens at Battersea Power Station, as well as other international developments. More details...

Innovative intelligence gatherers
Allford Hall Monaghan Morris
A diverse group of innovative intelligence gathers will tell us about wearable technology measuring physiological responses to the Angel Building; the relationship between architecture, energy and productivity at AHMM’s offices; data-collection, technology and provoking behaviour change through the internet of things; and the impact of a cultural approach to creating sustainable communities and outcomes for a new hospital. More details...

Using technology to deliver better places: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
Mace , London Legacy Development Corporation and Engie
LLDC and Engie will talk through the technical interventions that are enabling them to deliver smart, integrated approaches to achieving enhanced sustainability outcomes and better user experience for the iconic sporting venues on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the energy and carbon ecosystems that support them. Delegates will then be taken on a tour of one of the energy centres powering the largest district energy network in the United Kingdom. More details...

WELL fit and ready - This event is now fully booked
Cundall & British Council for Offices
An introduction to the WELL Building Standard, a case study and tour of the Cundall office fit-out, and a developer’s view of providing WELL ready spaces for tenants. More details...

Resiliency: “Unplugged”
Elementa Consulting
A cross section of passionate contributors share their perspectives on resiliency and the “unplugability” of projects. Expect surprising insights on resilience from research, design, engineering, sustainability and end-user viewpoints. More details...

Sustainable building materials and Circular Economy
Sturgis Carbon Profiling LLP
Sturgis Carbon Profiling share their expertise and approach to Life Cycle Analysis in respect of sustainable building materials. Presenters will discuss the Cradle-to-Cradle and Circular Economy principles, highlighting some best practice around the re-use and recycling of materials, and the potential to reduce resource depletion and embodied carbon. More details...

Measuring Building Performance
BuroHappold Engineering and Derwent London
High performance buildings can increase productivity, reduce running costs and meet corporate sustainability targets. BuroHappold and Derwent London present findings, insights and recommendations from post-occupancy evaluation of health, wellbeing and energy within Derwent’s London portfolio. More details...

Creative Re-use
Marks Barfield Architects + Forme UK

Tour of 82 Baker Street outlining how the team responded by retrofit rather than re-build, resulting in an energy efficient and flexible workplace that complements and enhances the building’s heritage whilst reflecting the personality and brand of both the tenant and landlord. More details...

The Policy Gap – Bridging the zero carbon void
XCO2 Energy
One year on from the 2015 General Election and we’ve seen the scrapping of zero carbon, reductions in renewable subsidies and the end of Green Deal.
A policy and funding gap now exists but what should fill it? Join us for an informal debate with an expert panel of policy influencers and building professionals. More details...

Lessons learnt from Scandinavia: how to create healthy environments
White Arkitekter and Tyréns UK
Northern European urban design precedents are frequently used as models for projects in the UK. Their success often comes out of a comprehensive understanding of the value of the walkable city. London-based Scandinavian consultants White Arkitekter and Tyréns will present current projects in Sweden with walkability as the guiding principle. They will demonstrate the importance of a pedestrian-led approach towards urban development and regeneration in the context of making healthier cities. More details...


Friday 29 April

Building communities & creative partnerships
Regent Street Management Direct
Regent Street – a world-class retail, leisure and business destination – is continuing to build a strong community. Take part in our interactive talks that demonstrate how creative partnerships and collaborative initiatives continue to build a healthier, happier and sustainable community in this iconic part of London. More details...

Improving health and well-being in the workplace with sensory gardens
CIBSE Intelligent Building Group, Feeling Good Foundation & ARCC
This seminar will both disseminate evidence and encourage discussion on how sensory gardens can help reduce stress levels of office workers, refocus their attention and improve their productivity. More details...

The environmental strategy behind London’s highest public garden
Hilson Moran
8.30am - 10.30am
The Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street is London’s highest public garden. This talk and tour will describe some of the challenges faced and techniques used during the design process. More details...

POE – The Importance of Collaboration
Metropolis Green
How can we ensure continuous improvement in sustainable buildings? Metropolis Green will look at the value of Post-Occupancy Evaluation, and how landlord and tenant collaboration is key to driving continuous improvement in both the operation of existing buildings and the construction of future buildings. More details...

Regency Regeneration: Pitzhanger Manor and Walpole Park
Jestico + Whiles, Ealing Council & Natural Building Technologies
An eclectic look at the Heritage Lottery Funded projects in and around Pitzhanger Manor and Walpole Park. Jestico + Whiles, Ealing Council and Natural Building Technologies introduce the ongoing and completed projects, with a focus on health and wellbeing in the context of establishing a lasting cultural and architectural legacy for the area. More details...

Design challenge presentation and exhibition
ARCC, CIBSE & London South Bank University
The London South Bank University Clarence Centre for Enterprise & Innovation together with the CIBSE Resilient Cities Special Interest Group and the ARCC network is challenging industry and academia to collaborate to develop ideas for making their offices healthier, more sustainable and climatically resilient by using green infrastructure.The shortlisted designs will be presented at this event and will be followed by a public exhibition where the winning design will be announced. More details...










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