Hellbeing or Wellbeing: living with density


How can good placemaking and quality of life be compatible with high densities? Are cities inherently unhealthy places? Are they exclusive environments? How can they contribute to decarbonisation of our society, to civic life and wellbeing?

A multidisciplinary panel with members that all play an important role in shaping our built environment will convey their views on these questions in a series of short presentations. In the pursuing discussion they will challenge each other’s ideas and try to find common ground enhanced by audience Q&A. The evening will be chaired by Alex Ely, principal of Mæ, Architect and Town planner and author of the Mayor of London’s Housing Design Guide and numerous best practice publications for CABE.


Alex Ely – Principal at Mæ
Oliver Bulleid – Associate director at Mæ
Henry Pelly – Max Fordham
Claire McAndrews – Research associate at UCL
Ed Lister – Managing partner at Planit IE
Alex Willey - Head of Asset Sustainability at Affinity Sutton.

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