Shaping and Valuing Better Places


Against a backdrop of budgetary cuts and increasing social care costs, how can new development contribute to the health and wellbeing of local people?

How can we design in opportunities to improve social impact and use this to shape better places?

Join us for a discussion of findings from some of our recent work on social value and insights into why we think it’s important to improve the measurement and reporting of outcomes. Following the introduction of the Public Services Social Value Act in 2012, awareness of social value in both the public and private sector has increased, and many developers are now looking at the value created as a result of their development activities. As a result of the Act, those who commission public services are required to think about how they can also secure social, economic and environmental benefit – principles which are easily applied to development. Placemaking provides an opportunity to design in features that have a positive impact on local people, build in resilience and catalyse stronger communities. Applied well, the ongoing assessment of social value can be a valuable tool to help developers understand the impacts of different design decisions, justify funding for particular projects, or change the focus of an activity to deliver greater benefit.

In this session, our Economics and Sustainability teams will provide some practical insight relating to the assessment process, how to ensure the right data is captured, and our top mechanisms for delivering social value.

Join the discussion at our offices at The Charlotte Building, 17 Gresse Street, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1QL. Breakfast provided.

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