Perceptions and Reality of a Healthy Office

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For the last 6 months Greengage has taken part in the UK-Green Building Council Wellbeing Labs programme to investigate the opportunities and challenges associated with gathering physical, perceptual, and organisational data relating to the office environment. This pioneering programme of work allowed significant problem solving, collaboration between participants and troubleshooting in the application of H&W principles in the built environment.

This Green Sky Thinking Event will allow others to learn from our experience and encourage wider uptake of similar approaches. This will include lessons on:

  • What and how to monitor your indoor environmental quality. Understanding the different options and finding the best solution for your office environment.
  • How to gather information about your employees and their perceptions of the environment they work in.
  • When and how to look at organisational data.
  • What interventions could we take forward using the quantitative data about our organisation? - What are the challenges we faced that others can minimise?

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