Building customer loyalty and delivering a sustainable environment

Regent Street Management Direct, The Crown Estate


Come along to this event and spend the session as a Crown Estate customer with Regent Street Management Direct in this iconic and historically important part of London. This event will demonstrate how customers integrate into the Regent Street community.

Welcome Maps help customers to navigate, understand and enjoy eco-technology and environmentally designed buildings where people and business can develop and thrive. Occupancy requirements differ for every tenant whether a start-up that needs to work in flexible office space or a corporate seeking an iconic location in a new build, we collaborate with each customer to help them explore their new workspace and anchor their occupancy to build people centred communities in environmentally aware buildings. Every month recycling helps to improve floodplain or support a charity to provide food re-distribution, you can support circular economy and buy recycled photocopier paper that started life in Regent Street. You know how much electricity, gas and water is used. You can take part in Zumba or gardening, yoga or boot camp or volunteer to help others. You make the decision to contribute at a personal and organisational level - come along to find out what this looks like?

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