Open Practice: Who is driving sustainable building and retrofit?

As part of Green Sky Thinking 2011, some of the UK's leading practitioners in sustainable design, build and retrofit shared their expertise through an exciting range of events hosted in their own offices and in locations around London. An overview of this strand in 2011 is given below.

Aecom - 'How can nature inspire new ways of thinking about urban design and development?'
How can nature inspire new ways of thinking about urban design and development? Join us as we discuss how water-sensitive urban design and biomimicry are pushing innovation forward.
Aedas - 'Building Performance Evaluation Pecha Kucha'
Aedas R&D invites you and your colleagues to a ‘pecha kucha’ and drinks reception at our offices in Clerkenwell. Participants in the Technology Strategy Board Building Performance Evaluation programme will be sharing their early findings and debating implication for policy and practice.
Speakers include: Anna Menezes (AECOM/Loughborough University); Dan Rigamonti, Environmental Design and Procurement Researcher (Aedas); Justin Bere, Director (Bere Architects); Michael Birnie, Associate (ECD Architects); Ian Taylor, Partner Studio Leader (Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios).
Ann Bodkin Sustainability + Architecture - 'Up on the Roof' 
'Up on the Roof': a living roof tour of North Lambeth, including roofs for bees, DIY community-built garage rooftops, artist's ecostructure, edible bike shed and the UK's largest green roof renewal housing project. Rooftop access involves climbing steps.
Edible Bike Shed
Ash Sakula - 'Leather Lane Stars'
'Leather Lane Stars' is a project to promote, publicise and reinvigorate the historic market of Leather Lane, EC1. As part of this campaign, architects Ash Sakula will be co-hosting stalls in the empty patches of Leather Lane from 11.00am - 2.00pm on Wednesday and Thursday - bring your ideas for London street markets. Leather Lane Lates will feature 'Market Corner Drinks' at the Craft Beer Co. public house, and then 'Looking Back to Look Forwards': an evening of films and talks at Le Regal cafe, also on Leather Lane.
Ash Sakula
Atelier Ten - 'Turning a glass house into a green house'
'Turning a glass house into a green house': a presentation given by Meredith Davey, followed by a Q&A session, on the development of Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Three distinctive waterfront gardens in the heart of Marina Bay will define Singapore as the world's premier tropical garden city.
Atelier Ten
BDSP Partnership
Presentation on BDSP's sustainable design appproach and solutions through some built exemplar projects such as the London 2012 Velodrome and National Assembly for Wales (Tues and Thurs), as well as through current projects in the UK, Europe, UAE and Africa (Weds).
BDSP - National Assembly for Wales
Bennetts Associates Architects
RIBA Award-winning architects' office combining a revitalised group of redundant industrial buildings and an 18C barn with new contemporary elements. Sustainable features include re-use of existing buildings and green roofs.
Child Graddon Lewis studios
Old warehouse building opening onto a courtyard with a large green planted wall and art exhibition wall. Refurbished by Child Graddon Lewis Architects & Designers.

David Morley Architects - ‘Natural Consequences’
"Five-by-five" means a signal that has excellent strength and perfect clarity — the most understandable signal possible. The second event in David Morley Architects’ FIVEby5 series, ‘Natural Consequences’, introduces the practice’s environmental design approach.

David Morley Architects - The Lookout
Duggan Morris Architects Ltd - 'Reinventing the Ordinary'
'Reinventing the Ordinary': DMA will present, through a series of displays and exhibition pieces, projects both past and present and a slide presentation, showing their thoughts on how reinventing ordinary spaces in our communities can lead to new approaches and innovations towards 'green sky' thinking and design.
Duggan Morris Architects
Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios - 'Urban sustainability: the issues beyond architecture'
‘Urban sustainability: the issues 'beyond architecture’: presentations and debate exploring the wider issues of sustainability in the urban context. Speakers include Carolyn Steel, architect and author of Hungry City; Sion Parkinson, artist from the Cape Farewell project; and Nick James, Sustainability Projects Manager for BioRegional Quintain, speaking on the Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios project One Brighton.
Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios - One Brighton
Green Structures
Green Structures will be demonstrating a range of built environment innovations including Passive Heat Recovery Ventilation (Ventive), Thermal Memory House Project, Retrofit for the Future innovations, Zero Carbon Heating designs and other innovative architectural solutions.
Passive Heat Recovery Module - Green Structures
Gregory Cowan - 'Occupying Streets at all Hours'
'Occupying Streets at all Hours' workshop:  a practical fieldwork street design appraisal exercise for any professional with an interest in urban public space/urban design and wishing to add this to their CPD. The exercise will assess walkability, liveability and urban sustainability through a variety of research methods. Please bring a short statement about your interest in the workshop as an introduction to other participants. Access arrangements will be made for anyone with special requirements.
Greg Cowan
Hawkins Brown - Redevelopment vs Refurbishment Debate
Hawkins\Brown hosts a panel debate of the current options, pressures and incentives for redevelopment versus refurbishment across key sectors, including its Clapham Estate Regeneration and Low Carbon Workplace projects.
Hawkins Brown
ISG plc - Site Breakfast at Siemens Urban Sustainability Centre -
Site Breakfast at Siemens Urban Sustainability Centre: visit the site of the new Siemens Urban Sustainability Centre and learn about the construction of this world-leading example of sustainable building, which is also the first within London's new Green Enterprise District. Presentations by Siemens, ISG and Wilkinson Eyre. Breakfast included.
Siemens Urban Sustainability Centre - ISG
Jerry Tate Architects - ‘Why aren't buildings more like trees? Why aren't cities more like forests?
Tea, treats and talking sustainability: ‘Why aren't buildings more like trees? Why aren't cities more like forests?’ An interactive exhibition and talk with tea and cakes. Office, meeting room and rooftop open to visitors - visitors will be met at reception and directed to event.
Jerry Tate Architects - The Garden of Ideas
John Thompson & Partners
Refurbishment of a former 1920s warehouse into an architects' studio, fitted out with the latest green technology as a demonstration of sustainable office design.
Moixa Energy - 'Green DC Pie in the Sky'
'Green DC Pie in the Sky' - take a stroll in the park and see our complete office in the sky, running on sunshine and a bit of magic from our box of tricks. As an exemplar of green sky thinking, Moixa will present a demonstration of a green office desk powered by renewable energy, and provide insights from award winning sustainable designers.
Moixa Energy
Nick Willson Architects - 'Retrofitting Made Simple'
'Retrofitting Made Simple': Nick Willson Architects invites the community and local business into its office to demonstrate and offer advice on how to improve and retrofit their existing properties to raise the sustainability credentials and performance of the fabric and space.
Nick Willson Architects - Veil House
Penoyre & Prasad - 'Retro-Fit for Purpose'
'Retro-Fit for Purpose': The retrofit of non-domestic properties to meet the UK's carbon reduction commitment appears dauntingly complex with properties of different ages, size, construction, and with varied tenures demanding different solutions to almost identical properties.  Penoyre & Prasad look at the imperative of efficiencies through repetition and scale, and at emerging patterns which may provide an effective blueprint, with reference to recent projects including Guy’s Tower.
Penoyre & Prasad

PRP Architects - 'Delivering Zero Carbon Residential Developments'
'Delivering Zero Carbon Residential Developments': in a lively open panel discussion with industry professionals and the audience we will be examining what it takes to deliver zero carbon residential developments in an inner city context.

PRP Architects - Greenwatt
Studio Egret West - 'From Pea Soup to Onion Rings'
'From Pea Soup to Onion Rings': presentation and debate on how to best to consolidate the future growth of London.
Wilkinson Eyre Architects
Site Breakfast at Siemens Urban Sustainability Centre: visit the site of the new Siemens Urban Sustainability Centre and learn about the construction of this world-leading example of sustainable building, which is also the first within London's new Green Enterprise District. Representatives from Wilkinson Eyre and ISG on site. Breakfast included.