‘Getting Ready to Retrofit’ - hear direct from leading UK retrofit experts

An overview of the expert seminars from 2011, developed by the Institute for Sustainability's FLASH programme. FLASH logo

As a sponsor of Open-City's Green Sky Thinking Open Practice strand, the Institute for Sustainability, through its free FLASH programme, brought together some of the UK’s leading retrofit experts to demonstrate how industry professionals and trades can understand and seize the business opportunities emerging in the fast-expanding area of low carbon building and retrofit.

The seminars previewed some of the Institute’s Retrofit Guides, which cover the complete low carbon domestic retrofit process and have been written by many of the expert speakers. Topics included retrofit planning and resource efficiency as well as the key Government incentive schemes including Green Deal, Feed in Tariffs and the Renewable Heat Incentive. Complementary presentations were also featured on the outcomes and lessons learned from a range of practical demonstrator retrofit housing projects (Retrofit for the Future), funded by the Technology Strategy Board, a strategic partner in the FLASH programme.

Engaging People in the Retrofit process
Energy Saving Trust overview: Andy Deacon, Energy Saving Trust
Introduction to Retrofit Guides: Peter Rickaby, Rickaby Thompson Associates
Retrofit for the Future case studies: Fran Bradshaw, Anne Thorne Architects / Matt Bush, Metropolitan Housing Partnership
Living in a Low Carbon Home: Linn Rafferty, JTec, and Seb Junemann, Peabody Trust
User/occupier motivations; communicating the "green" message: Liz Warren, SE2 / Energy Saving Trust
Examples of engaging with residents and communities: Matt Bush, Metropolitan Housing Partnership
Hosted by the Energy Saving Trust

Preparing for the Retrofit challenge; Gearing up to exploit the opportunities
Introduction to Retrofit Guides: Peter Rickaby, Rickaby Thompson Associates
Creating a Low Carbon Retrofit Plan: Andrew Mellor, PRP Architects
Finance and Procurement approaches to Low Carbon Retrofit: Luke Smith, Fusion 21
Peabody PV programme and Green Deal - kickstarting the process towards large scale retrofit: Tessa Barraclough, Peabody Trust
Hosted by the Royal Institute of British Architects

Sustainable retrofit in commercial buildings: Drivers and developments - developed with the Better Buildings Partnership
Introduction to Retrofit Guides: Andrew Mellor, PRP Architects
Sustainable retrofit in commercial property - experience from the BBP and British Land: Justin Snoxall, British Land PLC
1 Canada Square Retrofit: David Hodge, Canary Wharf Group
Using Local SME's/supply chains for retrofit contracts: Gay Harrington, East London Business Place
RE:FIT: Retrofitting at scale through energy performance calculating - a TfL case study: Andy Stanton, Transport for London
Hosted by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Improving the Fabric and Services – a whole house approach
Introduction to Retrofit Guides: Andrew Mellor, PRP Architects
Improving the Fabric - Fabric first/whole house approach: Mark Elton, ECD Architects
Improving the Building Service: John Willoughby
Green Retrofit Process - Nigel Griffiths, AEA
The EST/EWI project and emerging planning issues - Mark Elton/James Russill, EST
Hosted by the National Federation of Roofing Contractors

Small Builder - Planning for the Low Carbon Retrofit challenge and opportunity
Introduction to Retrofit Guides: John Doggart, Sustainable Energy Academy
Managing medium/small scale retrofit projects: Robert Prewett, Prewett Bizley
Marketing and Promoting your Low carbon services: Stephanie Moore, Redearth PR
Skills & Accreditation: Liz Warren, SE2
Customer/home owner examples - Retrofit case studies: John Doggart, Sustainable Energy Academy
Hosted by the Federation of Master Builders

Retrofit: – the next steps – Retrofit at scale
Introduction to Retrofit Guides: Paul Ruyssevelt, Technology Strategy Board
Passivhaus approach to "Retrofit for the Future": Justin Bere, Bere Architects
German Passivhaus examples and scaling up: speakers tbc
Scaling up - next steps: Keith Howard, Southern Housing Group
Scaling up - Birmingham Energy Savers: Steve Owen, Ursus Consulting
Open debate/ question time - Retrofit at Scale
Hosted by Southern Housing and the Mayville Community Centre

Learning from practical experience; translating into future retrofit action
Camden Council retrofit planning - beyond Retrofit for the Future: Councillor Sean Birch
Introduction to Retrofit Guides: John Doggart, Sustainable Energy Academy
Retrofit for the Future case study: John Doggart, Sustainable Energy Academy; Richard Hurford, United House; Daniel White, Camden Housing
Home assessment/survey for Low Carbon Retrofit: Russell Smith, Parity Projects
Hosted by Camden Council

Skills, Training and Accreditation for Low Carbon Retrofit
Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes (EEPH) Overview of Skills: David Strong, Chairman EEPH
Introduction to Retrofit Guides: Paul Ruyssevelt, Technology Strategy Board
Skills Training and qualifications in the UK - an overview: Sara Pearce, Construction Skills
Training and accreditation for low carbon assessors and advisors: Richard Foxwell, Asset Skills
Training and accreditation for low carbon installers: Linn Rafferty, Jtec Energy
Hosted by the Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes and the Technology Strategy Board

What is FLASH?

The Institute’s FLASH programme, part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), aims to provide Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) with the information and support to help to seize the commercial opportunities arising from the low carbon economy.
Working with a range of partners, FLASH offers exclusive access to learning from practical demonstration projects as well as the most recent and credible analysis and industry best practice. FLASH also gives SMEs the opportunity to make their own business operations more sustainable, including advice on how to reduce their carbon footprint and costs. http://www.instituteforsustainability.org.uk/FLASH.html

In 2011–12 Open-City has been working with the Institute for Sustainability to develop and deliver dedicated learning opportunities via site visits to retrofit exemplars for built environment professionals signed up to the Institute's FLASH programme.

Open City’s Green Sky Thinking programme has been developed in conjunction with, and with the support of, the Institute for Sustainability’s FLASH programme.

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is used to tackle regional disparities across Europe. Working on behalf of the Mayor of London, the European Programmes Management Unit (EPMU) at the London Development Agency (LDA) is responsible for the administration of the 2007 to 2013 ERDF programme.

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