Mott MacDonald - Partner of Green Sky Thinking Week 2014

With a global remit Mott MacDonald recognise the impact their work has on the environments they inhabit. The challenge of creating city solutions that are locally appropriate, economically viable, socially beneficial, durable and environmentally responsible requires collaborative working and system integration across buildings and infrastructure. Collaboration and integration are the fundamental messages of the Green Sky Thinking programme and we are delighted to involve Mott MacDonald's sustainable expertise and solutions to the programme.

'As a Programme Partner, Mott MacDonald is extremely pleased to be supporting Green Sky Thinking Week, which is creating the opportunity for professionals across the built environment sector to connect with others involved in making cities more liveable and sustainable - healthier and safer, more efficient and productive, attractive, inclusive, adaptable and resilient.
In November 2013 the UK Government published a seminal report, the Infrastructure Carbon Review, which was researched and authored by Mott MacDonald. Its key message of interconnected carbon and cost efficiency will be among the topics on our agenda in April. We know that cutting carbon provides a route into the wider sustainability agenda, setting off a cascade of benefits and resulting in improved wellbeing and productivity.
We look forward to contributing to the debate during Green Sky Thinking Week and beyond, using it as an opportunity to meet, listen, share and develop new thinking to create lasting value for the future.'
Richard Shennan, Buildings Practice Manager, Mott MacDonald

Mott MacDonald’s approach to sustainability

As a management, engineering and development consultancy working around the world, Mott MacDonald is equipped to develop and deliver city solutions that are locally appropriate, economically viable, socially beneficial, durable and environmentally responsible within a vast range of environments and cultures.

Every Mott MacDonald project is driven by the aim of creating lasting value for all, meaning that environmental, social and economic sustainability are at the heart of its work.

Mott MacDonald regards collaborative working and system integration across buildings and infrastructure as essential to a successful, sustainable city. In this way, its ethos is acutely aligned with the Green Sky Thinking programme’s fundamental messages.

During the development of the 2014 programme Mott MacDonald and Open-City teamed up to challenge attendees of Ecobuild 2014to solve sustainability issues pressing the industry. Through a brain-storming board, twitter and target questioning one this cam out loud and clear - Time to Optimise our Waste. Read more here.

We must Recognise City Challenges as Opportunities to Create Sustainability

Clare Wildfire, Mott MacDonald Technical Director

Whether a European power plant, a South American highway or an Asian water system, every piece of infrastructure impacts upon the surrounding environment, society and economy. It’s essential that we not only understand these impacts, but minimise the negative effects and enhance the positive ones through the way that we design and construct.

The uniquely dense environments of cities present us with specific challenges that require particular insight and experience. But cities also present us with opportunities, and it sometimes takes a sustainability-focused mind to recognise the potential. When we asked visitors to Ecobuild the question “how can we improve our cities?”, one message came through loud and clear, and that was not to waste our valuable resources.

This message applies to buildings as much as any other city function. For example, London is replete with ageing buildings that are no longer fit for purpose or don’t meet modern energy performance standards. The conventional approach might be to tear these buildings down and build new ones at great expense, creating disruption and carbon emissions in the process.

However, these existing structures can be transformed into high performance 21st century buildings through retrofit and refurbishment. By avoiding building an entirely new asset, we can transform a building with minimal waste, minimal emissions and significantly reduced capital and operational costs. 
Queen Mary University London’s GE Fogg building is an exemplar of this concept. Previously an underperforming 1970s block, its refurbishment in 2012 delivered a 70% energy saving and an iconic new look for just £3.95M. On 28 April you can join us to see the building for yourself, and meet those who achieved its transformation into one of the UK’s leading low carbon buildings.

Of course this approach won’t be feasible for every building in London. But the concept of preservation can also be applied to new development, where designing for flexibility beyond the current brief can extend the new asset’s useful lifetime and prevent a vicious circle of construction and demolition as regulations, usage patterns and fashions change.

Our built environment offers further challenges and opportunities in their ability to influence people’s physical and mental health, wellbeing and productivity. Getting building design and specification right can produce an environment that has real benefits for occupants, employers and building owners. On 29 April we’ll bring industry experts together to discuss motives and strategies for creating healthy cities.

Making occupants more productive and avoiding expensive new build are just two of the ways in which sustainability delivers real commercial advantages. There are countless further opportunities within the buildings and infrastructure of city environments.

Conversations and relationships between professionals across the built environment sector are the basis for progress, and Green Sky Thinking Week will play a part in forging those connections. We’ll continue to partner with Open-City throughout the year to help ensure that the foundations laid during this week grow into concrete future results in the cities around us.

Mott MacDonald Spotlight Events in Green Sky Thinking

Mott MacDonald will be hosting thee spotlight events on Monday 28 April and Tuesday 29 April, as part of the Green Sky Thinking Week programme.

Refurb, Retrofit or Rebuild - Making London energy efficient for 2018
Green Sky Thinking Week begins with presentations by leading green refurbishment practitioners, focused Q&A discussions and a special site visit to the award winning GE Fogg Building – an exemplar of how existing buildings’ energy performance can be dramatically improved through external or internal refurbishment, bringing them into line with the best new builds for a fraction of the cost, and avoiding major waste of embodied energy in the building fabric.

Healthy Spaces: A commercial priority or a development luxury?
Meet the experts at an evening focused on building design and materials selection for occupant health, wellbeing and productivity. This ‘speed-geeking’ event offers the chance to engage with small interactive groups led by expert speakers from Lend Lease, Skanska and Mott MacDonald, followed by a facilitated whole-room discussion and a networking drinks reception.

Skeleton Safari - Adding Value Through Passive Retrofit
Mott MacDonald joins ArchitecturePLB and Elliott Wood to reunite the design team that transformed the Royal Veterinary College’s underused courtyard into a striking new café and social learning centre. Visit the new enclosed space and hear how the courtyard was reclaimed and engineered to create a passive, low energy environment.

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Mott MacDonald become an Open-City Corporate Member

Mott MacDonald have also join Open-City's Corporate Membership Scheme, supporting and partnering with Open-City's programmes through-out the year. Mr Shennan continues to speak of their support:

'I believe that it is a prime responsibility for those of us involved in creating and operating the built environment to deliver better quality of life for people that live and work in cities, and through our shared vision with Open City we will be supporting throughout the year in encouraging sharing of knowledge, promoting public engagement, and inspiring young people to get involved in contributing to sustainable cities in every sense. Through the global reach of Mott MacDonald we will also be seeking opportunities to work with the growing global open city network to help address the issues arising from the global trend towards urbanisation.'

Open-City welcome the support of Mott MacDonald as Sponsor Partners of Green Sky Thinking Week for 2014.